School Nurse's Corner

Sports physical requirement:

Students must have a current physical exam on file at Frost to participate in interscholastic and contact intramural sports. Form is attached here: Sports physical forms English and Spanish

Students may NOT try out for a sport without a physical exam. The physical must be dated within one year of the start of the specific sport. It is advisable to have this sports physical completed during the summer, in order for it to be current all school year. Parents are required to complete the top half of the form before submitting it for approval. If you are uncertain as to the date of your student’s last physical on file at school, please contact Mrs. Cruse RN at [email protected] or 847-357-6772


If your student requires an EXCUSE FROM PE Class for any day:

With written verification from you, your child may be excused from physical education class for up to three days following an illness or accident. Any restriction for more than three days requires written verification from a doctor detailing the length and type of restriction. Please email Mrs. Cruse RN at [email protected] with written request for your child to be excused from PE class.

Crutches In School: Per First Student restrictions, students requiring the use of crutches are not permitted to ride the bus to school, until the medical busing form is completed by the doctor and the bus company assesses the student’s safety on the stairs. Please contact Mrs. Cruse RN, Frost School Nurse for assistance if your child will be on crutches in school. [email protected] or 847-357-6772.


Taking medicine in school: Per District 54 policy, students who will require medicine during the day at school will need to have these two forms completed, one by a parent and the other one by a physician. The medicine (in it’s original container) and forms may be returned to Mrs. Cruse RN, Frost School Nurse by the first day of school. Students are not permitted to take any medication in school without these forms on file. Please contact Mrs. Cruse RN at [email protected] or 847-357-6772 for further questions. Forms may be found here: Medication forms ’22-’23