Students will choose either 2 full year classes OR 1 full year class and the wheel (3 Trimester classes- art, music, media).


The emphasis of this program is to enhance playing ability and provide experiences with a wide variety of musical literature. Students participating in this program receive one small group lesson each week as well as daily rehearsals. Band and Orchestra performance concerts include tours to district elementary schools, winter and spring concerts and a music festival with High School D211.


Chorus is specifically designed for students who like to sing and perform. The choral music program provides an opportunity for students to develop fundamentals of vocal techniques, learn to read music and experience a selection of choral compositions and styles. Students will showcase their talents in a variety of performances throughout the school year, including a choral festival with High School District 211.


Students enrolled in World Language will develop basic conversational and writing skills. Instruction provides many supporting visuals and media to assist students in gaining greater proficiency in their chosen language, while maximizing the element of fun in learning a new language.


Students who speak Spanish at home or have previous experience learning Spanish can register for an online and written assessment in order to complete the Spanish 1 and 2 curriculum at an accelerated rate.


In this trimester or full year course students will be encouraged to express their creativity through a variety of visual art activities designed to build artistic skills and familiarize students with major art styles and artists. Art projects will include paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures cartoon art, ceramics and more. Students do not need a special talent in art to enroll in this course.


This trimester course is for students who want to learn about music technology, explore different genres of music and experience music composition. Students will explore the elements of music through creation and performance. A variety of instruments and music activities will be used throughout the course.


Students will learn graphic design, video and sound editing, and video game design using professional software applications.

STEM 1 (Project Lead the Way)

This full year course is designed for students who are interested in science, technology, engineering and math. STEM 1 students discover the design process and develop an understanding of the influence of creativity and innovation in their lives. Students will learn how to use industry-standard computer software (CAD) to design, sketch, and model in 3D. In addition, students will transfer their design skills to learn how to write computer code and design robotic projects.

STEM 2 (Project Lead the Way)

This full year course is designed for students who are interested in science, technology, engineering and math. STEM 2 has a strong science focus that is intended to challenge and engage the natural curiosity of middle school students. While performing a variety of hands-on experiments and design challenges students will enhance their understanding of principles in the fields of aeronautical, electrical, and software engineering.