Spartan Clubs


For more information, please email the sponsors of each club.



Art Club


Sponsor: Mr. Meyer


Meets: Thursdays

Whether you weren’t able to join Art class this year, or you just can’t get enough ART in your life, Art Club is the place to be!  Hosted in the Art room with Mr. Meyer, we get to spend time together working on our own creative new projects, guide and inspire each other’s artwork, or just hang out in a fun, free, and safe setting.  Come get your creative bug going!



Chain Reaction Club


Sponsor: Mrs. Davis


Meets: Tuesdays


Chain Reaction Club is an exciting experience where students will work together to invent a creative machine, using everyday objects, that performs a particular task.  The club will meet on Tuesdays after Thanksgiving Break in Mrs. Davis’s room and run through the end of February. The machine will be showcased at a contest in February at Hoffman Estates High School.



Chess Club


Sponsor: Ms. Bostrom


Meets: Thursdays


The Chess club will meet in the Creation Studio on most Thursdays from 2:15-4:00 beginning September 21, 2023.   All levels of chess players are welcome from beginners to champions!  Students will learn the basics of playing chess and compete with club members in tournaments.  Look for permission slips in the café.  This club is sponsored by Ms. Bostrom.



Club UNify


Sponsor: Ms. Snelling and Mr. Anzelmo


Meets: Tuesdays


Club Unify is a place to come together to make friends, hang out, and having a good time. We bring students with special needs and general education students together helping others and engaging in peer leadership opportunities. We meet on selected Tuesdays through the school year.



Coding Academy


Sponsor: Ms. Shroyer


Meets: Mondays


If you have always been interested in coding, but never had the opportunity to learn how, then now is the perfect time to start! Students will develop digital literacy skills and explore multiple coding languages.



Drone Club


Run by Ms. Shroyer


Meets: Mondays


This club is for students who would like to learn to fly a drone or practice flying drones- all are welcome!



Frost TV


Sponsor Mr. Burak


Meets: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 7:05 am


Frost TV is a student run live daily broadcast. There are both on-air and off-air positions available, and the broadcasts are seen by the entire school each day.



Run by Ms. Shroyer


Meets: Thursdays


If you like to do projects and love STEM, then FUSE is for you! Students will take on challenges- each student can choose their own and work at their own pace. They will apply and develop a variety of skills, including design, coding, engineering and problem-solving.



Future Authors Club


Run by Miss Pirovano


Meets: Mondays


Future Authors club provides students with a fun space to express themselves creatively through their writing. We will have new writing prompts each time we meet, or you can continue a previous piece of writing. We will draw and write to create our own book by the end of the year.



Games Club


Run by Mrs. Mehta and Ms. Snelling


Meets: Mondays


Game club is a relaxing environment to come and play board games and card games with your peers. Have some friendly competition or just come out for some fun. It will be a good time for all.



Run by Ms. Halverson 


Meets: Beginning in October

GEMS is a club that is offered for 7th and 8th grade girls. During our time we focus on activities that involve engineering, math and science! Each year we focus on different topics that are student generated.



Good Morning Frost


Run by Mrs. Czarnecki and Mr. Meyer


Meets: Every morning 

Students are invited to come to school early and get their bodies and brains moving through, Basketball or Volleyball passing

Students arrive to school at 7:05am and meet in the gymnasium for fun and socialization with their friends. 



Interact Club


Run by Ms. Duran and Mr. Snyder


Meets: Mondays


We make the world a better place! We connect with new friends and our school, interact with our community, and impact the world. Rotary Club Schaumburg AM sponsors our club. Some fun activities we do each year: car wash fundraiser, BINGO with seniors, Feed My Starving Children, Adopt-A-Family, food pantry supply drive, and school supply collection.

Meetings are 2 Mondays each month, and one out of school event.

Contact Miss Duran or Mr. Snyder by email with any questions.



Keep Calm Club


Run by Mrs. Kagan


Meets: Thursdays


Keep Calm Club is for anyone looking to find ways to relax and unwind after a busy school day.  We will play games, color/draw, learn meditation, and other various activities to calm ourselves in a fun, safe way.  



Makers Club


Run by Ms. Bostrom


Meets: Mondays


The Maker’s Club will meet in the Creation Studio on most Mondays from 2:15-4:00 beginning September 18, 2023.  Students will engage with materials and technology to create, explore, and problem solve using STEAM materials.  This is not a STEAM class, it is a beginning level exploration of STEAM.  Look for permission slips in the café.  This club is sponsored by Ms. Bostrom.





Run by Mr. Morris


Meets:  Wednesdays


Mathletes is a club that is open to ALL students who love math! In Mathletes, you will strengthen your problem-solving skills, practice unique and fun math problems that you ’ve never seen before, learn how to work on a team, and meet friends who also love math and solving puzzles.



National Fluid Power Challenge


Run by Mrs. Zuffante


Meets: Mondays and Thursdays


After attending an information workshop that explains the year’s challenge, each team of 4 students will design and build a prototype or model of a fluid and pneumatic powered machine that will accomplish the task set forth. They will also assemble a portfolio of the work they have done to enter the competition. They will use their knowledge and skills to reproduce the machine they designed on the day of the competition.

Painting Club


Run by Mrs. Gold and Mrs. Trost


Meets: Mondays

Would you like to practice painting techniques and create a work of art each session? If so join painting club for step by step instruction to create a new piece of art each meeting.  Creativity and flexibility are encouraged so you can make each piece of art your own.  More information to follow regarding materials and meeting times. 




Pride Club


Run by Ms. Follmer and Mrs. McCaliano


Meets: Thursdays


Pride Club welcomes ALL students at Frost to a safe place to learn and share about self-expression and identity. This club unites LGBTQ+ and allied students to build community, understanding, and support in order to become leaders who are able to advocate for themselves and one another.



Rocketry Club


Run by Ms. Halverson


Meets: Beginning in February


In Rocketry Club, students work collaboratively to learn about and engineer functional rockets, as well as other machines related to rocket physics. Students that have participated in Rocketry club before at their elementary schools will be given more advanced rocket designs to create. Students will have the opportunity to launch their hand crafted rockets at the annual District 54 Rocket Launch in the Spring.



Student Ambassadors


Run by Ms. Bassett and Ms. Nash


Meets: during Advocacy on Wednesdays


The purpose of Student Ambassadors is to strengthen student leadership qualities and show students that they can influence the school community in a positive way. Students will help integrate positive psychology with their peers to empower student voices to be heard in school and be the change agents for areas of improvement in the school culture. 7th grade students will be made aware of when applications are due at the beginning of the year and teachers will have the ability to nominate students that are leaders in the building. 10 students will be chosen to participate in the program throughout their 7th and 8th grade years at Frost.



Spartan Crossfit


Run by Mr. Christopoulos and Ms. Ancona


Meets: Tuesdays


Are you interested in fitness and improving your overall well-being? Are you tired of sitting around all day on your Chromebook and want a structured way to get some movement in? Or, are you someone who is interested in exercise, running, and physical activity? If so, check out Spartan Crossfit club!

Spartan Crossfit is a club designed to increase fitness for students at all activity levels. The club is run by Ms. Ancona and Mr. Christopolous, who will lead you through workouts that include a variety of movements from cardiovascular activities to lifting weights, and everything in between! Each workout can be scaled, or modified to fit your individual level and abilities.





Run by Mrs. Czarnecki and Ms. Shroyer


Meets: Tuesdays


Yearbook club will consist of students being trained on the yearbook creator program to compile the yearbook. The yearbook staff will vote on a theme and design everything including the cover. The yearbook staff will take photographs throughout the year at all the sporting events held at Frost as well as other events and celebrations that will be held.