Spartan Clubs


Clubs for the 2020-2021 school year will be held virtually via Zoom.

In order to join a club students must join that clubs Google Classroom for all the information about the club. Codes to join each clubs Google Classroom are in the “Frost Spartans 2020-2021” Google Classroom.

For more information, please email the sponsors of each club.



Art Club


Run by Mr. Meyer




The Frost Virtual Art Club will be an after school club that will focus on furthering the development of our Frost Spartists’ skills, as well as the camaraderie of our Art community. Students have the chance to work on individual artwork, whether being assigned by Mr. Meyer, or following their own ideas. We will talk, art, school, family and everything in between. Join our Google Classroom for more information.

Virtual Book Club


Run by Ms. Bostrom




In this club you will read six books over the course of the school year and compete in friendly competition with other students.  The club meets virtually on Thursdays at 3:00 beginning November 12.  We will discuss the books you are reading, develop competition questions preparing for the final battle in April.  Sign up by filling out the permission slip on the Frost Google Classroom.  This club has a limited number of students, so sign up today!

Chain Reaction Club


Run by Mrs. Davis


Meets: Tuesdays after Thanksgiving Break (begins 12/1)


The Chain Reaction Club typically creates one Rube Goldberg machine and presents it in the Spring at a local contest.  A Rube Goldberg machine is a machine designed to perform a very simple task in a very over-complicated fashion; humor is often involved. This year, we will plan on meeting virtually and creating machines individually within our own spaces.  Household items will be used; there will be no need to purchase anything.  This club with cater to your creative and inventive side!  More details to come.



Club Unify 


Run by Mr. Meyer





Coding Academy


Run by Ms. Shroyer


Meets: Tuesdays from November to February


If you have always been interested in coding, but never had the opportunity to learn how, then now is the perfect time to start! Students will develop digital literacy skills and explore multiple coding languages.


Comic Book Club


Run by Mr. Ferguson


Meets: Mondays in October and November


A critical look at the history and impact of comic books on modern society. Students will read and share comics that are school appropriate.



Frost TV


Run by Mr. Burak and Ms. Shroyer





Run by Ms. Shroyer


Meets: Mondays from November to April


If you like to do projects and love STEM, then FUSE is for you! Students will take on challenges- each student can choose their own and work at their own pace. They will apply and develop a variety of skills, including design, coding, engineering and problem-solving.



Games Club


Run by Mrs. Kissamis and Ms. Snelling


Meets: every Thursday from 2:30-4 pm


Game club is a place to connect with friends and play virtual games. We will meet every Thursday after school. Join our Google Classroom for more information. Contact Mrs. Kissamis or Ms. Snelling for questions!



Run by Ms. Halverson and Mrs. Merchant
Meets: Mondays

Are you interested in math and science? Do you like to be creative and solve problems? Then GEMS is the club for you! GEMS is an all-girl group based around getting girls involved in math, science and engineering! We will be conducting a wide variety of science and mathematics based activities. Join Mrs. Merchant & Ms. Halverson every Monday after school starting October 19th through January 25th. Find out more information on our Google Classroom.



Interact Club


Run by Ms. Duran and Mr. Snyder


Meets: Two Mondays a month @ 2:20pm


Interact Club is for students who want to connect with others, interact with their community, and volunteer to to make a difference in the world. We partner with Rotary Club with projects from the school, community, and world. We will start with a penpal project with seniors in our community. We meet 2 Mondays per month. Reach out to Miss Duran or Mr. Snyder by email if you have questions.





Run by Mrs. McCaliano





Mentors Club

Run by Mrs. Czarnecki and Ms. Shroyer


Meets: Thursdays all year


Join Czarnecki and Shroyer in doing some good in our community! We will be doing seasonal projects to make others smile. If you want to spend time with others and are looking for a place to connect, then come join us! All are welcome!



National Fluid Power Challenge

Run by Ms. Nash




After attending an information workshop that explains the year’s challenge, each team of 4 students will design and build a prototype or model of a fluid and pneumatic powered machine that will accomplish the task set forth. They will also assemble a portfolio of the work they have done to enter the competition. They will use their knowledge and skills to reproduce the machine they designed on the day of the competition.

P.E. Ambassadors Club

Run by Ms. CzarneckiMr. Ferguson, and Mr. Steffan


Meets: Fridays after school


PE Ambassadors is on it’s way! Join Mr. Steffan, Ms. Czarnecki, and Mr. Ferguson on Fridays after school to go over leadership skills, organizational skills and cooperation with family members! Find out more information on our Google Classroom.



Rocketry Club


Run by Ms. Halverson




In Rocketry Club, students work collaboratively to learn about and engineer functional rockets, as well as other machines related to rocket physics. Students that have participated in Rocketry club before at their elementary schools will be given more advanced rocket designs to create. Students will have the opportunity to launch their hand crafted rockets at the annual District 54 Rocket Launch in the Spring.

Student Ambassadors


Run by Ms. Bassett and Ms. Basch






Spartan Crossfit


Run by Mr. Christopoulos and Ms. Ancona


Meets: Tuesdays


Are you interested in fitness and improving your overall well-being? Are you tired of sitting around all day on your Chromebook and want a structured way to get some movement in? Or, are you someone who is interested in exercise, running, and physical activity? If so, check out Spartan Crossfit club!

Spartan Crossfit is a club designed to increase fitness for students at all activity levels. The club is run by Ms. Ancona and Mr. Christopolous, who will lead you through workouts that include a variety of movements from cardiovascular activities to lifting weights, and everything in between! Each workout can be scaled, or modified to fit your individual level and abilities.

If you have questions, you can email us at
[email protected] or [email protected]

Virtual Painting Club


Run by Ms. Mueller




In this club you will receive guided instruction via Zoom to create a new painting each meeting.  The painting for the upcoming week will be posted on the club classroom.  You can also make painting recommendations. In order to participate you will need to provide your own supplies.  Please reach out with questions to [email protected]. The recommended supplies are below:

  1.  a 10″ by 10″ canvas per lesson you want to attend
  2.  Acrylic paints in the following colors: white, black, brown, red, yellow, blue, green.
  3. Paint brushes (suggested types: One larger flat brush, I medium flat brush and 1 round brush. 
  4.  Paper plate/napkins to hold paints. 





Run by Mr. Ferguson, Mrs. Czarnecki and Ms. Shroyer


Meets: various days as needed- contact yearbook advisors


Yearbook club will consist of students being trained on the yearbook creator program to compile the yearbook. The yearbook staff will vote on a theme and design everything including the cover. The yearbook staff will take photographs throughout the year at all the sporting events held at Frost as well as other events and celebrations that will be held.