About Frost

As an exemplary school, we recognize the importance of individual student learning and achievement. As a Frost community we will:

  • Ensure that students meet state standards and essential outcomes on ISAT, MAP, and common assessments
  • Differentiate instruction to enrich and support student learning
  • Implement best practices of instructional strategies
  • Develop 21st century social, emotional, literacy, numeracy, and technology skills in our students

Frost serves approximately 600 students in seventh and eighth grades.

Frost was the district’s first school constructed specifically for junior high age youth. It opened it’s doors in 1964. The 64,000-square-foot building was originally designed with two academic “islands” in the building’s center: one for seventh-grade and one for eighth-grade classes.  Over the years, two major additions have been built that have allowed our facilities to expand to accommodate a physical education activity room, a library resource center, an art room, a multimedia room, a music room, band/orchestra practice rooms, a STEM lab, Spanish dual language room, modern language rooms, and Guidance offices.

All teaching spaces in the building have been wired to accommodate laptop computers, printers, and interactive white boards.

Students are placed in to the following core content classes: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and PE/health. In addition, students will be placed in to two elective classes and a lunch period.  For students that need additional academic support in reading or math, they will be placed in to a literacy and/or math acceleration class in lieu of an elective.

Frost is honored to be an International Spanish Academy. The English-Spanish Dual Language Program allows students in seventh and eighth grade to continue learning in Spanish during social science and language arts classes.

In addition, for students who are eligible for gifted services, they will placed in to Discovery classes in language arts, science, and social studies.

Our staff and students can draw upon the support of a principal, an assistant principal, and support staff including ELL teachers, special services teachers, a psychologist, two social workers, a speech and language therapist, a nurse, secretaries, and custodians.

Beyond the classroom, Frost offers an array of extracurricular activities. There are numerous interscholastic sports teams, an intramural program, and over twenty after-school club offerings.

Mascot:    Spartans

Colors:     Blue and Gold