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Creation Studio Club to create Podcasts!

Are you someone who gets into trouble for talking all the time in your classes?  Have you been told more than once class to be quiet in the classroom?  Have you sat in detention for excessive talking?  The Creation Studio Club WANTS YOU!

This is your opportunity to talk, talk, talk, and become famous for it—at least in the Frost community.  This opportunity will build skills that you can take into high school, college, and the workplace!

We will be recording a Podcasting show and are looking for Podcasters to host the show.

Spartan Scholars Podcast (SSP):  Podcasters will conduct interviews with other students, administrators, community members, authors on a variety of topics, read books and give book reviews, etc… Bring your creative ideas and make them a reality!

These Podcasts will be aired on YouTube!  Want to be famous?  Come to the Creation Studio Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school!

See Ms. Bostrom in the Creation Studio for permission slips.  Permission slips can also be found in the cafeteria