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Stand for the Silent Assembly on October 11, 2018

Next Thursday, October 11, Frost will host a powerful assembly as part of the National Bullying Prevention Month in October.  Kirk Smalley will speak to Frost students about the negative effects of bullying. He will talk about how his own son committed suicide after being bullied, and he often shares stories about other children as well.  The main point of his presentation is to have the students promise to respect themselves and those around them and to stand up to bullying and report what they see. After the assembly, our students will have a reflective discussion with their Advocacy teacher.  During this discussion, our Advocacy teachers will ask the students to journal reflect on the assembly.   After the journal reflection, our Advocacy teachers will facilitate a discussion around the importance of connecting with others people in our lives.  We will let them know that if they are feeling bullied or severely sad, that there are multiple people both at Frost and outside of school that they can reach out and connect with.  We will let them know that we do not tolerate bullying at Frost so if they hear and/or see any signs of bullying to please talk to an adult right away.  Our Advocacy teachers will reinforce Mr. Smalley’s message that students have a chance to change the world we live in by taking a stand against bullying and taking a stand to help others.

While the subject may be difficult, this is an important message for all youth. I believe that our students should hear this message. However, because we work cooperatively with our parents, I have sent a permission form home with all students two weeks ago and am attaching here as well.  Please select whether or not your child can participate in the assembly and return the permission form to the school office as soon as possible.  In addition, District 54 will host an evening assembly with Mr. Smalley at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 9, at our Professional Learning Center, 522 E. Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg. Click here to access the flyer for the event.  This assembly is just one of many we have scheduled for this year based on themes that complement our social-emotional learning curriculum. For more information about these themes and this work, click here to read an article from District 54 Superintendent Andrew DuRoss.